Test Case Manager for StreamTask

Array Software, a leading provider of tools for successful software upgrades in the healthcare industry, offers StreamTask Test Case Manager (TCM), a module of their popular StreamTask software. This module enhances the industry’s leading application for upgrade testing by empowering IT professionals to create testing templates that are integrated into the testing process, providing even more accuracy and confidence on “go-live” day.

StreamTask, a browser-based, platform-independent application for software upgrade planning and execution, is being used at hospitals to organize, test, document, communicate and monitor upgrade testing. Its success in helping to manage the complex and time-consuming process of software upgrades has brought confidence and control to hundreds of health care IT professionals.

Test Case Manager provides the ability to build detailed, multi-step test case scenarios within the application. The test cases are then launched during the upgrade, and can be re-launched for each subsequent upgrade. These reusable testing templates provide standardized integration testing procedures for enhanced testing consistency.

“StreamTask Test Case Manager templates are developed once, and then launched for each update,” said Greg Sikes, President of Array. “This means that each time you face an update, you know that your integrated work flow process will be thoroughly tested each time. Testing scripts can even be automated, revolutionizing the way software upgrades can be managed, saving time and freeing up staff to focus on other work.”

“With StreamTask and now the Test Case Manager, we find the Integrated Testing is more accurate and effective than it was using our old spreadsheet process,” said Carol Casey, Clinical Applications Analyst at North Country Hospital in Newport, Vermont. “Some of the biggest benefits of StreamTask within the upgrade process are in tracking issues, putting things in correct order, and eliminating the redundancy of multiple people doing the same things. We actually have taken two weeks off of our Functional Testing.”

Casey and her team have been using StreamTask since November, 2014. “We needed a tool to help us be more efficient with our time and effort, to increase and improve communication and tracking of service orders, and to enhance reporting of the status of the project. Within StreamTask’s Test Case Manager, I built test case scenarios with very detailed steps including instructions, the data to be entered, and the expected outcomes for each step in the scenario. We can reuse the scenarios many times. Each time we test, I can launch as few or as many of the scenarios as we need, based on the complexity of the upgrade.”

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