Enhanced Access to Your OR+ Patient Information

OR+ data is now available in Meditech’s Data Repository or Scanning & Archiving features.

If you are moving away from MAGIC, or if you'd simply like easier access to your OR+ patient data from within Meditech’s Applications, you might be interested in two services Array is now offering.

Several of Array's OR+ customers have used Array's OR+ Data Transfer Services to copy their OR+ database to their Data Repository, and in doing so, are able to write reports that integrate OR+ data with Meditech data using standard SQL report writing tools.

Additionally, a number of hospitals have used Array’s Case Record Transfer Services to copy OR+ Surgery Case Logs to Meditech’s Scanning and Archiving, and in doing so can generate complete case records on demand without having to access OR+.

These are just a few of our clients who have benefited from these services: 

  • San Juan Regional Medical Center (Farmington, NM) continues to use OR+ and now runs a weekly scheduled report to download all the discrete data fields for recent OR+ cases and all OR+ dictionaries to their Data Repository. The data for more than 150,000 surgery cases is now on file and available for SQL reporting integrated with their Meditech data. SJRMC is now in the process of moving their Surgical Case records to Scanning and Archiving.
  • King's Daughters Hospital (Madison, IN) on the other hand is moving to Meditech's 6.X environment, and has teamed with Array to successfully move the discreet data from over 50,000 surgery case records to their Data Repository. We will soon be transferring their Surgical Case Records to SCA.
  • Uvalde Hospital (Uvalde, TX) is also moving to Meditech’s 6.X environment and has teamed with Array to successfully transfer the discreet data from over 18,000 OR+ Surgery Cases to the Data Repository. Uvalde and Array are now working together to move their Surgical Case Logs to Scanning and Archiving via Meditech’s 1375 interface.
  • Elk Regional Hospital (St. Mary's, PA) continues to maximize the value of OR+. They run a routine daily to transfer a copy of their Surgical Case Records as reports to their Departmental module. This process triggers the transfer of these documents to their Scanning and Archiving system.
  • Humber River Regional Hospital (Weston, Ontario) has migrated to Meditech's 6.X technology and has moved all their OR+ Case Records since 2003 (more than 260,000 cases) to Departmental and on to Scanning and Archiving.

Whether you are staying with your MAGIC systems, or moving to 6.X, your hospital can use our OR+ Data Transfer Services to make your surgery data available for reporting in your Data Repository (ask us about help with SQL reports!) and for viewing in your Scanning and Archiving system.

Click here for more information about the process, call us at 413.789.2600, or email us at information@arraysoftware.com.

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