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In a health care system, service teams such as IT, Biomedical Engineering, Plant Operations, Human Resources, Housekeeping, and Dietary Services support the needs of the staff who work directly with patients, physicians and payers. Service teams also support each other. While the services each team provides vary, should the way people communicate with each service team be dramatically different?

The issue:

Because health care has recently been concentrating its strategic efforts on ICD10, Meaningful Use, Patient Privacy, and EHR evaluations, little strategic attention has been paid to the service infrastructure that keeps the enterprise running. While the communication infrastructure in the business community has developed to a point where people can access almost any service through a single portal, healthcare has not enjoyed similar progress. Service teams such as IT and Engineering have improved their service request process through automation, but many other service teams plug along without any system at all.

Each new tool for an additional service team of course poses a dilemma:

  • Will each service team select and implement its own solution?
  • Who will research, select, install, and maintain a new tool?
  • How will end users be trained to use the new service request tool?
  • What will the adoption rate be? Will users consistently use the new tool to ask for the service?

The solution:

Array offers StreamTask a flexible, intuitive, affordable, solution that is in that sweet spot of offering a truly affordable site license for unlimited users and unlimited departments.

With StreamTask your user community utilizes one solution to submit requests for any service.

With single sign-on it’s easy to access and the process to ask for a service is simple and to the point.

Pick a service department from a drop down list.

Pick from a drop down list of request types within that department

Type in what you want, and answer a few questions based on the request type.

The request gets routed to where it needs to go. The service department then has a efficient solution to manage, document, and communicate their work: a mature task management system. The requestor gets notified of progress and the work history is tracked and searchable. This solution is vendor agnostic, browser based, and makes sense from a cost perspective

The benefits:

  • Vastly improved adoption of a service request solution. This historically has only been achievable when we make life easier for our users.
  • A more efficient work environment for both requesting users and service team workers.
  • IT support of a single solution rather than an ever expanding tangle of disparate applications.
  • A single much low maintenance fee
  • A familiar solution in place to automate all processes both now and in the future.
  • With StreamTask, you will never have to look for, pay for, install or maintain another solution for a service team.

All this without incurring any additional costs, any additional product research, any new implementations, or user trainings. If you feel there is room for improvement in your service request management, please contact us at or 413-789-2600 for a demonstration.




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