Moving to Paragon 13.0?

If you will be moving to Paragon 13.0 any time soon, you are aware that more than 2,000 Work Items await you. Before you begin testing, you may want to give some thought to a tool that will allow you to:

  1. Focus your limited time on the enhancements and issues that are most critical
  2. Ensure the right people are assigned the appropriate items
  3. Defer or eliminate those items that don't require testing, are not currently applicable, or are in fact duplicates.

With StreamTask, all work items are converted into an SQL database. Before testing starts, powerful search and process tools can immediately find and set aside duplicate and non-applicable work items.

When testing begins, the most important items are at the top of each person's work item list. Each user can utilize dynamic sorting capabilities to group their work items by common topic for greater testing efficiency. Users can also determine if other testers have work items that may affect their work items.

Because all testing results are stored in StreamTask and are available in real time, managers are afforded continuous insight into the status of the upgrade project.

See StreamTask in Action!

For more information about StreamTask for Paragon Hospitals, join us for any of our demonstration webcasts. Check our Events page for dates and times!

We're also happy to set up a remote session just for you and your testing team to demonstrate StreamTask. Contact us to set up a date/time that works for you!

Click here for more information on StreamTask, or go to the Events page for the full webcast schedule!

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