Array Software News

Array Software, a leading provider of tools for successful software upgrades in the healthcare industry, offers StreamTask Test Case Manager (TCM), a module of their popular StreamTask software. This module enhances the industry’s leading application for upgrade testing by empowering IT professionals to create testing templates that are integrated into the testing process, providing even more accuracy and confidence on “go-live” day.

As software testing teams approach their LIVE dates, a variety of methods are employed to best ensure a successful Live day. After familiarizing themselves with what is included in the software update, teams turn their attention to testing the update as it applies to their existing processes. Once the team reaches the integrated and parallel testing stages a variety of approaches are used.


Greg Sikes and I have attended MUSE conferences together since the 1991 conference held in Toronto, and Greg attended a few in the years before I joined him at Array.

While we were both disappointed to receive Alan’s recent message regarding the cancellation of the 2020 Muse conference, we agree with the decision. In fact, we want to applaud the way in which MUSE has managed the entire process.